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Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in SA. It is a very high-profiled town that rests on several important legs. Firstly, it is historically important and the town is wonderfully preserved  by the work of the great benefactor of the town, Dr Anton Rupert and his Historical Homes company, that has largely restored the old Cape Dutch homesteads in the town centre : a must see!

Then the wine industry is world famous and the estates that dominate the outskirts of the town are known wide world over for the quality of their products.  Many of these estates have tasting and eating facilities and this must not be missed. Each estate is unique and there is enormous competition amongst them.

The university plays a very big part in a smallish town. It dominates in many aspects and not only academically. The sports facilities at the university are in a class of their own and another important aspect of this town.

Then big business has been attracted to Stellenbosch in the last few decades. Dr Rupert and his enormous empire that spans the world and many stock-exchanges has tended to bring the best of (Afrikaans) support to Stellenbosch. It has attracted other business to the town that is now arguably one of the most desirable places to stay.

The town is also renown for its sidewalk coffee shops and pretty girls.


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